How do I use OSIRIS-CBD Aroma Care?

Studies and medical research indicate that the CBD has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties as well as a generally relaxing effect. OSIRIS-CBD Aroma Care products combine the experience of the international Aroma Care / Aromatherapy with the latest findings of the research on cannabidiol (CBD).

In addition the Osiris Distribution GmbH is working with the experience of European aromatologists and pharmacies. For the products Joint Care and Head Care, we gather wild collections of high-quality essential oils, which are mixed with a portion of the purest CBD extract, which is obtained biologically from the Fedora hemp plant.

Apart from the sales of our products in massage practices, spas and sport centers, you can now also order in the OSIRIS online shop. We offer our customers OSIRIS-CBD Aroma Care Oil as an effective, well-tolerated application for the improvement of the overall well-being. The pleasant, relaxing feeling after a gentle massage with the OSIRIS-CBD-Aroma Care Oil has already been confirmed by many of our customers.

Because of the addition of CBD, OSIRIS-CBD Aroma Care Oil is also suitable as an effective, well-tolerated and, above all, safe component for self-application since it can develop the antient inflammatory and antiepileptic properties without having side effects.