Chronic pain and CBD

Symptoms of chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis and other neurodegenerative defects can be alleviated by the administration of CBD according to studies and patient experience. The positive effect of CBD oil is particularly interesting, since a pharmacological cure of these diseases is usually excluded. Conventional treatment methods often fail, and patients remain alone with pain and inflammation.

Healing effect of CBD has been known for centuries

The pain-alleviating and anti-inflammatory properties of the cannabis plant have been known to humans for centuries. The Chinese medicine already used extracts of the plant for the treatment of chronic pain. Only the fact that the cannabis plant was prohibited in 1937 led to a complete ban on cannabis medicinal products, which had previously been available in pharmacies. The ban also stopped further research of the plant for medical purposes.

Positive effects in arthritis confirmed

After a pioneering study by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research ( more than a decade ago, further studies in animal experiments have shown that the use of CBD in particular the pain transmission (antinociception) via the CB1 and CB2 receptors are effectively influenced.

Also, studies ( with the first standardized drugs from cannabis-based medicine show that patients with chronic rheumatic and arthritic pain could achieve a significantly better quality of life. In particular, the ability to move could be improved in most subjects by the pain-reducing and anti-inflammatory properties and hence considerably their overall performance.

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